Charles Speaks to UT Houston School of Dentistry

Thank you to everyone who attended Charles’ Lunch & Learn last Friday!  I know he enjoyed speaking with all of you!  We hope you enjoyed it, as well, and learned the FIVE critical reasons we believe in practice ownership:

  1. Lifetime Compensation
  2. Building Equity
  3. Better Tax Planning
  4. Retirement Planning and, last but not least
  5. Controlling your Destiny!

We would also like to share a few resources to assist you on the path to ownership below:

  1. NDP Podcast: Transition Talk: this podcast series offers tips and real-life scenarios (both good and bad) to assist you on your path to ownership!  Click here to listen via our site or search “NDP” on Spotify, SoundCloud and Apple Podcast to listen! Also, if you’re looking for a specific topic, we recently released a list of all the podcast episodes (with titles) in our blog – feel free to check it out!
  2. NDP Buyer Checklist: This key guide, which you can download from our website, highlights the main “90” points to get right when you are considering a practice purchase.
  3. Finding the Opportunity:  Many of you may be wondering, “How do I find a practice to purchase?” – great question!  Please visit our website to learn more about the letter campaign and marketing yourself.

Finally, we would encourage you to surround yourselves with positive influencers to help you become a business owner. Education is power – the message will help you with your dental journey and equip you with questions to ask if faced with a corporate position in front of you.

Please feel free to contact us should you have any questions—we are here as a resource for you!