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At NDP, we believe education is the key to navigating the path to and from ownership. Our team is experienced at delivering tailored, customized and engaging messages in an interactive format. We provide a wide range of lectures, from the basics of ownership to valuations and all the tough financial decisions you’ll have along the way.

Our experienced team of transition experts present around the country to both big and small groups, keynoting large, national events, study clubs and dental school lunch and learns. Through our educational courses, we strive to lift up and continue the success of the dental profession and those around it.

Our most popular speaking topics

Christy Ratcliff - dental transition consultant - dental practice broker – National Dental Placements

Why You Must Own

This high-energy lecture will leave you fired up with a clear understanding on why ownership is the way to go. We weigh the risks, consider debt, evaluate ownership options and illuminate the path to long-term personal and financial success.

Dental valuations

Practice Valuations

This course helps audience members understand how a practice is valued, delivering both high-level concepts and in-depth examples to illustrate the full picture.

dental practice consultations

Making Your Practice Work For You

This lecture shows audience members the importance of professional and personal goals and how to make their biggest asset—their practice—work for them instead of them working for it.

dental practice transitions

Pillars of a Transition

This course offers insight into how coordinating your goals, timing, risk and practice valuation can position you for a profitable transition plan.

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Our presenters are happy to work with you to create an agenda that is unique to your audience’s needs.

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Charles Loretto

Charles is a partner of both NDP and its affiliate, Cain Watters & Associates (CWA). He joined CWA in 2001 and became partner in 2016. Charles founded NDP in 2005 with the goal of helping young buyers get into ownership. Combining his insight from almost two decades in the dental industry with his passion for ownership, he provides financial support and transition plans that align with clients’ financial goals.

He regularly speaks to dental schools and residency programs, study clubs, dental symposiums and state and national dental meetings. Since 2004, Charles has presented to over 30,000 dentists and 51 dental schools and programs. He is a published author, and co-host of the popular dental podcast, Transition Talk.

Christy Ratcliff, CPA, CVA

Christy joined NDP in 2014 to lead the valuation and consulting service lines, and became the managing partner in 2019. She graduated from Texas A&M University with a B.B.A and M.S. in Accounting and is a Certified Public Accountant and a Certified Valuation Analyst.

She loves working with dentists as they look to transition into or out of private practice ownership. Christy believes education about the financial aspects and decisions surrounding ownership is a critical component of a transition. She is passionate about sharing knowledge and speaks nationally to dental students, residents and established dentists on practice ownership, valuation and the dental transition process. She enjoys breaking down the subjects into easy, digestible pieces based on the topic and audience, and she is also the co-host of the Transition Talk podcast.

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