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Tune in to Our Dental Practice Transition Podcast

NDP managing partners Charles Loretto and Christy Ratcliff combine their expertise to provide guidance and tips and share real-life scenarios revolving around dental practice transitions.

Originally created to help dental professionals navigate the sometimes-messy path to practice ownership, the podcast has evolved to cover the full life cycle of a dental practice and the different types of transitions along the way, from buying-in, starting-up, partnership to exiting ownership. Each episode dives into a specific transition aspect, including process logistics, financial matters, the people involved, different opportunities and much more.

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Not sure where to start? Check out some of our most popular episodes:

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  • Episode 3: The Interview
  • Episode 4: How to Ask for the Financials
  • Episode 25: Profit and Loss 101
  • Episode 48: Eight Transition Do’s and Don’ts
  • Episode 56: Be a Leader
  • Episode 62: Seller Site Visit Tips

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