The best part of what we do is guiding and supporting dentists through what is often the most significant milestone in their lives.

The team, especially Matt Doyle, put everything in terms that not only made me feel comfortable, but confident in my decision making. There is no way I would have pulled the trigger without them. The nights of peaceful sleep alone proved the worth of my investment in NDP. I am continued to be amazed by Matt, as he has no hesitation to offer a lending hand in any realm even after the practice has closed. They are an impressive organization, and I would recommend them to any and every colleague.

Dr. Adam
General & Cosmetic Dentistry | Texas

I had used several other methods and consultants to calculate the value of my practice. The NDP methodology was thorough, complete and concise and considered all the factors that make my practice unique. The final report was well presented, easy to interpret. Most importantly, I was happy to see that the calculated value was very much in line with other valuation calculations.

Dr. Darryl
General Dentistry | Texas

NDP does it right! From start to finish of our associate buy-in, we were in the best of hands with NDP. Charles, Matt and Bridget were thorough, professional, timely and detailed. We highly recommend NDP for any office going through a business transition and would never consider using anyone else.

Dr. Alissa
Pediatrics | Michigan

They are amazing. Bridget was my go-to. She always had an answer. If you are reading these reviews you need the services they provide to buyers. Hire a professional, get the deal done, and move on in your career. I tried solo to close the deal multiple times over several years and it always went south. They guided me through closing during covid. They got the deal done. I am certain you won’t regret it.

Dr. Todd
General Dentistry | Texas

I was directed to NDP to help with a practice acquisition and it was great experience. I had some understanding on practice evaluation but the guidance, knowledge, and amount of information provided by Christy and NDP was integral to finding the practice I’ve dreamed of. I would highly recommend use of their services.

Dr. Chris
General Dentistry | Texas

NDP was amazing from start to finish! Christy and Collin were an integral part of the partnership transition from the financial analysis to the closing. I have complete peace of mind taking this next step in business ownership with having them on my team! I highly recommend NDP!

Dr. Sonni
Orthodontics | Michigan

[NDP] provided reliable information and clear reports that allowed our doctors to evaluate the practice with clarity. They were pleasant to work with and always easy to contact. I would highly recommend their impressive service. We have relied on NDP for 2 practice transitions to-date and will return for more help in the future.

Orthodontics | Pennsylvania

NDP guided me through the process of buying into a group office. It was a great experience!! They were professional, and were always there to answer any question, or explain any part of the process to me. They worked well with everyone involved in my purchase. I highly recommend them to anyone looking to buy or transition into an office.

Dr. Kathryn
Orthodontics | Texas

National Dental Placements provided a great experience throughout the acquisition process. They are truly experts at what they do. They were always available to answer questions and were the quarterback to make this a successful transition. I would highly recommend their services to anyone looking to buy a practice!

Dr. Sean
General Dentistry | Texas

Everyone was always knowledgeable, prompt, helpful, and supportive. The process was extremely detailed and labor intensive but obviously justified. The fee structure and the fees, while significant, were very fair for both me and the buyer. A second independent valuation of my practice by another company arrived at a valuation within just a few thousand dollars of that of NDP. Quite impressive. I can very confidently recommend NDP for any sort of practice transition–they are great people!

Dr. Kyle
General Dentistry | Virginia

Christy and team are an absolute life saver and helped me in so many aspects of my practice evaluation and purchase. There were so many times I called her after hours and she got back to me quickly to address my needs. I am so thankful for her and her team and have recommended NDP to many colleagues already. THANKS NDP!!!

Dr. Zac
General Dentistry | Tennessee

Zero chance I could have done this without NDP. With so many moving parts to a practice transition, I was so thankful to have Christy and Collin on my side providing counsel and advocating for me throughout the process. Purchasing a practice can be a stressful time but I can definitely say that knowing the NDP team was handling so many things behind the scenes and continuing to progress things towards our closing date, significantly reduced the stress that I otherwise would have felt trying to take it all on by myself.

Dr. Carson
Orthodontics | Alabama

Being a Cain Watters client for many years, I was advised to engage NDP to handle the negotiations and communications with my associate buyer. The contract that was provided was very thorough and fair to both the buyer and the seller. NDP was that 3rd party needed to facilitate the closing. We were able to close the sale on time and all parties are happy. Thanks NDP for a win-win transition into my retirement.

Dr. Thomas
General Dentistry | Alabama

NDP was a wonderful company to work with! Collin and Christy were great at interpreting the data of the office I was interested in. Their analysis and advise really helped me work through a deal with the seller of the practice and eliminate any concerns along the way.

Dr. Jordan
General Dentistry | Illinois

Selling your dental practice after 20 years is a big emotional and financial decision. Christy was on our side for the entire time, answering questions, keeping the process moving along, and helping the transition go smoothly. It was priceless to know she was looking out for us during this critical time in our career. Choosing to use NDP was a smart investment and I highly recommend their services.

Dr. Traci
Pediatrics | Texas

Coming from a family of dentists I knew what I wanted, but didn’t know how to get there. Christy Ratcliff and Charles Loretto took me under their wing and guided me to a very safe and secure transition. I had a million questions for them along the way as I was very nervous about the financial portion of the deal. Not only were they always there to answer my questions with both grace and charm, but they were able to run the numbers and negotiate with my best interest in mind.

Dr. Brock
Periodontics | Georgia

I would not be in my own, successful, dental practice today if it wasn’t for NDP. I knew nothing about practice transitions and all of the aspects that were involved. They handled everything – the initial practice numbers review, the additional advisor referrals, as well as providing solid advice and guidance every step of the way. One cannot afford to NOT use them. It was the best money spent in investing in my future!

Dr. Louisa
Prosthodontics | Georgia

When I started my search to purchase a dental practice I knew very little about how to do it. NDP was a great help to me. From the start, they guided me step-by-step in evaluating different practices until I found a good fit for me. They also referred me to various professionals along the way who were also excellent to work with. I would certainly work with them again if I had to do this all over again.

Dr. Ken
General Dentistry | Oregon