Seller Transition Guide

The cover of NDP's Seller Transition Guide

The Seller Transition Guide:
Move forward with peace of mind

Selling your dental practice is a significant milestone in your personal and professional life. Whether you’re handing off the legacy you built to another doctor or inviting another owner into your practice through partnership, it can be an emotional and complex process that isn’t meant to be navigated alone. Our complimentary Seller Transition Guide can help alleviate the emotions and allow you to feel confident in moving forward. 

When it’s time to transition your life’s work, the Seller Transition Guide can get you started in building a detailed plan needed to sell a dental practice. From selling a portion of your practice to all of it when the time is right, this tool walks you through the steps, touching on topics such as marketing your practice, assisting with the buyer’s due diligence and negotiating the terms.

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