Practice Listing Services

Practice Listing Services:
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Do you need assistance in finding a buyer? Are you looking to showcase your dental practice to potential candidates? Finding the right individual for your practice, whether it’s for a partnership or to take over completely, can require considerable time and effort. Through NDP’s practice listing services, we take on the responsibility of marketing your opportunity, screening and vetting candidates and facilitating all communication.

We take the confidentiality of the process seriously and require nondisclosures of all our candidates. We also market your opportunity in a way that ensures your referral base, staff and patients aren’t made aware.

In addition to traditional marketing methods, we leverage our relationships with dental schools, residency programs, key dental leaders, business vendors, dental brokers, national study clubs and dental-specific CPA firms. Our practice listing services is designed to match personality, drive and clinical philosophy in order to set expectations up front and facilitate a successful transition.

Catriona MacLachlan, NDP's senior listing specialist

Picturing Success

“Finding the perfect buyer for your practice can feel intimidating. Before jumping in, ask yourself, ‘What does your ideal transition look like?’ Think about your goals, what you want and how you picture the transition playing out. The more you’re prepared, the smoother your transition will be.”

Catriona MacLachlan, Senior Listing Specialist

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