About NDP

Empowering dentists through the transition journey

NDP guides and empowers dentists who are exploring potential ownership as well as established dentists looking to enlist a partner or sell their practice. Founded in 2005, we have shifted our dental broker services from placing associates for employment to a full-scope dental transition firm, offering practice listing, practice valuation and buyer/seller dental transition consulting services. We work with dentists across the nation, ensuring they are equipped with the insights and tools needed to successfully navigate the buying or selling journey.

Dental transitions are personal milestones

NDP is more than a dental broker. We understand that a transition is not only a professional transaction; it’s a personal milestone. Because we recognize this is a significant life event, we are fully engaged with each client and treat each transition with diligence and care. In what can be an emotionally charged experience for both parties involved, we work to provide our clients with peace of mind and confidence throughout the transition.

Your partner through the process

With comprehensive dental industry experience, our team is comprised of financial analysts, valuation analysts and listing specialists. Embracing our passion for education and collaboration, we strive to be your ally in a successful dental practice transition.

Meet Our Team