Bridget Schwebke

Bridget Schwebke

Bridget serves NDP consulting and listing clients as Head of Consulting. With an awareness of clients’ personal circumstances and long-term goals, she gathers financial data and assesses the opportunity within each transition. Bridget understands the importance of helping clients understand the ins and outs of the transition and being present from start to finish for anything that may arise.

A graduate of Tennessee State University, she holds a Bachelor of Science in Dental Hygiene and a Master of Accounting in Science from Northern Illinois University. Bridget spent the first eight years of her career as a dental hygienist and transitioned into accounting thereafter.

Leveraging both her dental background and business education, she enjoys building strong relationships with her clients as she guides them through the many phases of their dental career.

“Knowing how big the decision of ownership is, and the major life events that come with it, I’m grateful to get a front row seat to what is often the biggest professional milestone in our clients’ lives. Navigating major financial decisions is an overwhelming task, so to be able to provide some level of comfort and support means a lot.”

In her free time, Bridget can be found running and hiking. She also enjoys spending time with friends and family, particularly with her husband, Chad, daughter, Jordin, and their goldendoodle, Tito.