Dr. Christopher Weber, General, Tennessee

When I began my national search for a practice to purchase, I contacted National Dental Placements to help me evaluate the different dental practices that I was visiting.  I had no idea just how helpful they were going to be!  Christy and Dawn were amazing!  With every practice that I visited, they helped me analyze all aspects of that office.  The good, the bad, the parts that need improvement, and the red flags.  When we found the right opportunity, I had complete confidence putting in my offer, because Christy and Dawn had combed through everything with me. 

Once the offer was accepted on the practice, Christy spent the next few months walking me through the entire transition process, ensuring everything was done correctly.  I feel like I would have been lost without their assistance.  They made the entire process run extremely smooth.  I can’t thank them enough! I am constantly referring my friends to them!