Dr. Gayatri Raina, General, Texas

Words cannot express how much I cherished my relationship with NDP during my transition. I’ve been practicing dentistry for about 10 years now, so the dentistry wasn’t the stressful part of buying a practice, it was whether this was a good decision for me or not. Buying a practice was no longer just about treating a patient and going home, it’s about being an owner, thinking about overhead, dealing with other peoples’ personalities and making sure they get paid. Thinking about if your staff the right fit for your practice, and more importantly, the patients, or how will they accept you as a new owner? So many factors go into buying a practice that many of us don’t know from school or from working for multiple years.


I’m so grateful to NDP and Christy Ratcliff for coming into our lives and helping us understand every little detail about this practice and this transition. I am definitely a person who asks a lot of questions, and I needed someone that could be patient with me, guide me in the right thing direction and above all else, be honest with me. Today, 6 months into my practice ownership, engaging NDP is the best decision I made and I’m very grateful to Christy for mentoring me throughout this transition. I have never met her personally, but I have gained a friend for life. I thank her for helping me make the right decision for my family and am so grateful to NDP for hiring such brilliant staff. If you are in the market and are concerned about the costs of using their buyers consulting service … let me put your mind at ease …. a) it’s a tax write off    b) what’s another few grand when you are going to be spending hundreds of thousands of dollars buying a practice! They will help you out in ways that you may have not known you even needed and might save you more than you invested with them. We don’t know everything we are dentists, let them help you with the other stuff!! It was definitely worthwhile for me and I don’t regret it one bit!!