Dr. James Lunardon, Orthodontist, New Mexico

The work NDP has done for me has been nothing less than stellar.  I can’t thank you enough for all the incredible work done by Catriona and Christy.  They were always available, with great advice (and sometimes, consolation) when I needed it.  I had no idea that so much went into marketing and transitioning a practice.  But at every turn, your people knew what needed to be done, and made it happen, seemingly effortlessly.

So I should be thanking you, and I heartily do.  I was able to sell the practice for full asking price, and just as importantly, to the right person.  The new doctor I’ve transitioned to has been nothing but kind and complimentary since he’s been here.  It’s all the good things I’d heard a transition could be, but had come to believe was impossible after the previous disappointments.