TT – Ep 19 – All the Feels

In this week’s episode of Transition Talk, we tackled the emotional side of the transition process. Alllll the feels 🙂

We talked about how during a transition, whether a walk away or an associate to partner transition, a buyer and seller are often both experiencing similar emotions just from a different angle. Often times that emotion can muddy the water of a good deal (And good relationship).  Our role at NDP is to try and remove some of this emotion and educate both parties on the logical side of why you might feel a certain way….sometimes its justified, other times….not so much!

During the discussion, Charles and Christy referenced two resources that can help ease some of the emotion on certain topics.  Below we have provided an example of the Break Even Analysis and also a helpful list of who should be on your “Transition/Ownership Team”  (click the arrow down to see both slides!)

Need help figuring this out for your practice? Contact our Transition Team and we can help!

Ep 19 Materials


If you missed the episode or need a re-listen with these materials — go check it out HERE!