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Confident businesswoman pondering while looking out window
Expect the Unexpected During a Dental Transition
At the beginning of a dental transition, many buyers and sellers...
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FOR SALE: The Practice’s Accounts Receivable
While accounts receivable (AR) can appear like a typical accounting...
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Today’s Economy Raises Practice Transition Concerns
Is now the right time to buy or sell a dental practice? Interest...
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Things to Know for Your Dental Transition This Year
Each year brings its own opportunities, challenges and trends....
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What Banks Look for When You’re Purchasing or Selling a Dental Practice
The idea of business loans and taking on additional debt is not...
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Strategies for Managing Dental School Debt
Shift your perspective from burdensome to attainable. The burden...
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Mother playing with daughter in kitchen
Finding Work-Life Balance as a Dentist
No matter where you are in your career or life, achieving work-life...
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Businessman handing keys to a buyer.
What Not to Miss When Transferring the Lease of a Practice
The process of transferring a practice lease to a new owner can...
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What’s Slowing Down Your Dental Transition
Don’t lose sight of the big picture This is part two of a two-part...
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Two businessmen discussing a business matter
The Factors Preventing You from Finding Your Perfect Match
Are your deal breakers saving you or holding you back? When...
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