JoEllen DeLeon

Navigating This Year’s Top Dental Transition Concerns
The year 2022 has produced a distinct economic landscape. Growing...
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Episode 78
TT Ep 78 - The Most Advantageous Business Structure for Your Dental Practice
From sole proprietorship, LLC, partnership, C-corporation and...
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letter of intent
Take the Next Step in Acquiring Your Dream Dental Practice
Here’s where the letter of intent comes in After months...
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Two colleagues having a business discussion over paperwork
5 Steps to Prepare for Adding a New Doctor Next Year
Are you ready to bring on an associate or partner to your dental...
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TT Ep 77 - Downsides to a Group Dental Practice
TT Ep 77 - Downsides to a Group Dental Practice
When there are three or more owners, a dental practice can feel...
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Business colleagues discussing a serious topic
Asset vs. Stock Sale in Dental Transitions
Know what type of offer may be right for your sale When purchasing...
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Episode 76: The Details Making Your Practice Valuation Complex
TT Ep 76 - The Details Making Your Practice Valuation Complex
Your dental practice is unique in its own way, comprised of a...
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Students working on school work in library
Don’t Let Dental School Debt Crush Your Ownership Dreams
As a dental school graduate, or soon to be graduate, we know...
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Episode 75 - Seller Steps Before Bringing in Buyer
TT Ep 75 - Sellers: Tackle These Steps Before Bringing in a Buyer
This episode is for sellers who know they are ready to transition...
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Commercial real estate agent showing a young couple around an office space
First Steps to a Start-Up Dental Practice
Starting a dental practice from the ground up can be a daunting...
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