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Ep 89
TT Ep 89 - Broaden Your Perspective
As a buyer or seller, you typically go into a dental transition...
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Businessman handing keys to a buyer.
What Not to Miss When Transferring the Lease of a Practice
The process of transferring a practice lease to a new owner can...
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Episode 88: Negotiating the Real Estate or Lease
TT Ep 88 - Negotiating the Real Estate or Lease
During a practice transition, the details on how to transfer...
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Business woman discussing a serious topic in a conference room
What’s Slowing Down Your Dental Transition
Don’t lose sight of the big picture This is part two of a two-part...
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Transition Talk Episode 87: Growing Your Practice Amidst the Volatility
TT Ep 87 - Growing Your Practice Amidst the Volatility
Sometimes, looking at practice metrics and numbers can feel discouraging,...
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Two businessmen discussing a business matter
The Factors Preventing You from Finding Your Perfect Match
Are your deal breakers saving you or holding you back? When...
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Partnership Tales from the Trenches
TT Ep 86 - Partnership Tales from the Trenches
It’s not always easy to achieve a successful dental partnership....
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Woman with a laptop on her lap contemplating on a decision
How to Know It’s the Right Practice for You
Due diligence steps before purchasing a practice Let’s say there’s...
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Answers to Dental Students' Most Asked Questions
TT - Answers to Dental Students’ Most Asked Questions
As dental students prepare to kick off their post-graduate careers,...
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Business person looking at paper with concerned yet pensive look
Drive Up Your Dental Practice Value
The role of profitability and risk When it comes to the value...
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