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Three business people huddled over work in a conference room
Assembling Your Dental Transition Team
Choose the right people to be in your corner Updated on February...
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What Buyers Want Blog
What Buyers Actually Want in a Dental Practice
Hint: It’s not all about money Perhaps you’re a doctor...
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Meet NDP at the 2022 Hinman Dental Meeting
A weekend full of world-class continuing education and all-inclusive...
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Business people looking at data and numbers
EBITDA: The Mystifying Metric in Dental Practice Valuations
Understand how EBITDA relates to your practice’s value If you’re...
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Episode 68
TT Ep 68 - Start Fresh, Make Plans, Reach Goals
The new year is a natural time to look toward the future, be...
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2021 Factors
Factors That Impacted Dental Practices in 2021
Inhibitors or accelerants to progress We often think of the end...
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Episode 67
TT Ep 67 - A Look Back at a Surprising Year
2021 was a year of adapting to a new normal, being accustomed...
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Episode 66
TT Ep 66 - The Office-Sharing Arrangement
The office-sharing arrangement is unique in that two or more...
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Consider These Things First Blog
Planning a Dental Practice Purchase? Consider These Things First
First Things First There’s no easy way around it; dental practice...
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Episode 65
TT Ep 65 - Overcoming 3 Common Transition Hurdles
Just as each dental practice transition is unique, so are the...
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