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Episode 65
TT Ep 65 - Overcoming 3 Common Transition Hurdles
Just as each dental practice transition is unique, so are the...
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Businessman pointing graph and using calculator during a busines
What is My Dental Practice Worth?
For dental professionals looking to sell their practice, one...
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Episode Title - Ep 64
TT Ep 64 - Rural vs. Urban: Geographical Impact on Dental Transitions
The geographical location of your dental practice can have a...
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Dental professional contemplating transition decision
Dental Transitions in Times of Adversity
Originally published on September 24, 2020. Updated on August...
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TT Ep 63 - Start-Up Success with Dr. Gabe Duncan
Determining the next move in your dental career is not always...
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Ep 62 Reshare
TT Ep 62 - Site Visit Tips for Sellers
From a seller’s perspective, the prospective buyer's site visit...
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Ep 61 Quote
TT Ep 61 - Big Questions with Jill Allen
Consultant extraordinaire Jill Allen brings her expertise to...
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TT - Corporate Transition Series
Sometimes practice owners desire a dental transition that isn’t...
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Episode 58
TT Ep 58 - Sellers: Expectation Vs. Reality
If you are like most sellers, you have thought long and hard...
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Charles Speaks to UT Houston School of Dentistry
Thank you to everyone who attended Charles’ Lunch & Learn...
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